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Online Business Builder Package!
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At the core of any business, is the setup!

I have managed to build up an online business with nothing more than my trust laptop (Chrome book actually), an epic microphone, 1080p streaming camera and a sexy ring light. 

I want to give you the same tools I am using to help you elevate your business.

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Easy1Up Vertex Elite
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For many, when they first start out they end up not having a product or platform to promote, or are limited to 1 single platform. 

I want to change that by giving access to Vertex Elite- Easy1Up's high ticket training module + access to all other modules below.

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Learn How To Build A Passive Income Via Websites & SEO
I recently dropped my own training on how to build profitable, passive income producing websites. 

This course takes my years of experience with building niche websites and blogs to generate an income, even when I don't get time to get infront of a computer. 

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Russel Brunsons The Secrets Triology
The Perfect Companions To SAA
For many, these 3 books have helped them unlock so many mindset shifts and increase their sales, copywriting skills and even understanding their audiences.

Unlock The Secrets pushes the content further, providing you with a 60 day workbook to get the most out of the these books!

The Triology + Unlock The Secrets are the perfect companion to SAA and I am GIVING THEM to you! Giving you months worth of shareable content inside of groups and your own profile.

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Access To My "Holy Grail" Spreadsheet of Recurring High-converting Affiliate Programs
For affiliate marketers, or anyone looking to add a new revenue stream to their online business. ,his highly curated list of the best recurring, high-converting, and high-paying affiliate programs is the goldmine starting point you've been looking for in affiliate marketing. 

On this list you'll find all the best affiliate programs for email marketing, landing pages, web tools, SaaS products, and much more. 

This is one of my most valuable assets. 

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The 2 Step Plan Lead Generation
During my time with SAA, I have played around with tons of different ways to increase open rates, improve my engagement and of course re-engage potential customers. 

Messenger is the secret weapon that helps SAA stand out from the crowd. 

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400 Power Words To Ignite Everything!
These 400+ Powerwords are amazing and can really spark peoples brains and thoughts when they see them!

I compiled this list from various sources, including my own posts, articles and some wildely succesful posts I saw on social media that helped melt peoples minds and increase engagement and get awesome outreach potential!

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How To generate Daily Leads For Under $20
One of my first eBooks I created was teaching others how I managed to get leads day in and day out from social media, while building up an awesome asset. 

The eBook is short, sweet and damn useful, with the ability to swap in your own affiliate links to help generate easy CPA commissions. 

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The Ultimate ClickFunnels Share Funnel Library (45+ Million Dollar Swipeable Funnels In Every Niche)
Your one-stop library for the top million dollar ClickFunnels funnels you can swipe right into your new CF account with ONE click! These funnels were developed by some of the biggest names in the funnel world including Steven Larsen, Dan Henry, and more. Each funnel is battle-tested and proven to convert. How would you like an unfair advantage over everyone else in the One Funnel Away Challenge with 45+ funnels you can pick and choose from in practically every niche imagineable? Affiliate funnels? Yup, got those. Local lead gen funnels, eCommerce funnels, and much more. 
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1:1 Private Strategy Coaching Call
Get access to a FREE 30-Min Coaching Session to help you not only to understand the strategy in which you can start generating 100% commission with this campaign quickly but on any related topic that can super-charge your sales funnel! In our experience, a coaching call is invaluabe in helping beginners to get a clear vision on how to proceed properly and getting rid of any confusion or the usual overwhelm (something that's usually inaccesible to new entrepreneurs when starting out). You will have access to ME for a full 30 minutes which you can activate anytime during your first 6 months after your OFA Challenge ends.
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BONUS #10 & 11*
Invitation To My Private Facebook Group Mastermind
You will have access to my private Facebook Community Group & BlogFocused private support group. Especially useful if you intend to take your expertise to the next level and go deeper into the world of entrepreneurship, Affiliate Marketing, and blogging. 

This is an invaluabe year long resource and support as you will need the right community environment to support you on your continuous growth beyond your initial funnels.

Where you can get your questions answered, help in solving any challenges you may face along the way, and other tips and insights that other members share.
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Hey, I'm James, Owner & Blogger @
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I want to see you succeed and have as much success as I have had. SAA is an amazing course, and teaches you the 'secrets' behind highticket sales and of course sales and marketing. 
- James 'The Man Bun' Hussey
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